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Improving the Accuracy of Medical Recommendations for Blood Culture Results with Evidence-Based Supporting Materials


By virtue of their episodic and unscheduled nature, emergency department visits often do not result in any planned follow-up. However, some results are resulted or reported after the departure of the patient, such as blood and urine culture results and the final staff radiologist reading of diagnostic imaging. Most EDs have created systems over the years for physicians to follow up on their patients’ results. At UHN ED, we have one shift a day per site where a physician reviews the aforementioned results. A survey of physician practices revealed significant variability in the care provided through these shifts, as well as some knowledge gaps. With collaboration from infectious disease and antimicrobial specialists, and an ED pharmacist, the team developed user-friendly supporting materials to help physicians navigate the possible scenarios commonly encountered. Comprehensive and hospital-specific documents were also created for less common scenarios and to help improve patient care.


Oliver van Praet, Joe Choi
Team members: Sahand Ensafi
Term of project: October 2015 – June 2016


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