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Dr. Dawn Lim is Postgraduate Education Director and Staff Physician in Emergency Medicine at UHN, Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at University of Toronto, and volunteer advisor with MaRS Health.

Dr. Lim completed her undergraduate medical and FRCP emergency training at the University of Toronto, and an MBA at Richard Ivey School of Business.

My research interests grow from the mindset of generating “creative solutions” in the community.  I believe that practical solutions to address the persistent lack of access to healthcare and quality education will come from flexible collaborations between sectors within and beyond medicine.  There is no room for silos or big egos.  My attitude is to never stop learning and to learn beyond medicine!  That mindset has lead to my most recent position as a Health Advisor for MaRS Health Ventures.

As Postgraduate Education Director at UHN’s Emergency Department, I hope to encourage my trainees and colleagues to find their own research passions to pursue.

With my diverse skills in the hard sciences, medicine, business, and the creative arts I hope to work with my colleagues in dynamic teams to approach complex problems from multiple levels.  I feel my interest in multiple fields helps me see the possible connections that can help address complex problems.  I’m most energized when I have the autonomy to work on a variety of interesting projects with a mix of collaborators.

My most recent research project was to help create a software translation tool in the emergency department to easily create accurate and flexible discharge instructions for our large Chinese and Portuguese speaking patients.  This project will most likely go live in the early summer of 2015.


  • Health Access in Resource Poor Environments:

  • Global Health

  • Aerospace Medicine

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Medical Sustainability

  • Innovative Medical Education


COMP-DI: Communicating Optimized Multilingual Patient-oriented Discharge Instructions (pending)


Use Social Media in the Fight Against Communicable Disease. Co-authored by Tim Peters. Crunch Network – Tech Crunch, 13 Nov 2014.

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   Dawn Lim

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