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The Virtual Emergency Department 

Project Summary

Our initiative will allow patients (and their caregivers) to connect with an emergency physician at UHN from home, through their mobile device or a computer. By developing the optimal virtual care technologies, workflows and processes required to enable remote access to the ED, we plan on creating a ‘smart’ virtual care system to allow ED clinicians to see and treat patients outside the ED. For lower acuity patients, this will result in easier, quicker and more efficient access to 24/7 emergency care while maintaining physical distancing. For patients with moderate acuity that need to be seen in-person, our platform will also allow for pre-arrival assessments and streamlined orders to shorten the time they spend in the emergency department through integration of our smart virtual care system with our HIS through streamlined work-flows.. Furthermore, we will also link our system with specialty clinics and primary care clinics to ensure appropriate diversion from the ED and timely follow up and continuity of care. UHN and the Ministry of Health will benefit through cost savings achieved by reducing in-person visits to the hospital, and by shortening the length of stay for ED patients that have been assessed prior to their arrival. 

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