The UHN Emergency Medicine Research Program supports multiple innovative and collaborative projects across a diverse group of research themes including clinical emergency medicine, addiction medicine and health equity, education, global health, health service delivery, injury prevention, palliative care, and quality assurance. This site serves as a resource for UHN Emergency Medicine staff and trainees participating in research activities. Here you will find regular research updates including news and events, recent presentations and publications, funding opportunities, and important information for UHN Researchers.


Director of Research, Clinical Researcher TGRI

Emergency Medicine

University Health Network

Dr. Friedman is the Director of Research at UHN Emergency Medicine. He is appointed Active Staff, Emergency Medicne at UHN, and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.  He completed his medical training at the University of Toronto and McMaster University, and obtained an MPH at Harvard University with a focus on health care management and research methods.  Dr. Friedman is particularly interested in research related to barriers to care in the ED, cycling safety and injury prevention, health service delivery and evidence-based clinical practice. He is Director of STAR-EM, the Summer Training and Research in Emergency Medicine Program at UHN.


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