Edward Xie (MD, MSc, CCFP-EM, DTM&H) is an attending physician at UHN and lecturer at the University of Toronto. He earned an MSc in health policy, planning, and financing at the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine. He completed his family medicine residency at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, an emergency medicine fellowship at McGill University, and is certified in tropical medicine with the ASTMH.

Dr. Xie works alongside colleagues on research in global health, health policy, and vulnerable populations. He is a member of Global Health Emergency Medicine and has continues to teach emergency medicine in Ethiopia. He is also involved with Health Providers Against Poverty, Doctors for Safe Cycling, and a working group developing clinical guidelines for homeless people. He has ongoing research interests in health policy, economics, global health, and social determinants of health.


  • Global health

  • Health equity

  • Evidence and policy 


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