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Dr. Sameer Masood (MD, MPH, FRCPC) is an attending Emergency Physician at the University Health Network. In addition to his undergraduate studies (HBSc), Dr. Masood completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) and residency training in Emergency Medicine (FRCPC)  at the University of Toronto. He completed his Masters in Public Health at Harvard University, with a focus on quality improvement and clinical effectiveness.

His interests include health technology integration into clinical care and quality improvement in emergency medicine. Dr. Masood has received several awards for his scholarly work, including awards by Health Quality Ontario, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, the University Health Network, and University of Toronto. He has several peer reviewed publications to his name.

Dr. Masood is a member of the Canadian Medical Association's Joule Innovation Council, and is actively involved in mentoring healthcare start ups. He is a founding partner at MD Consultants and is the CEO of Mednovation Health Technologies, a health-technology venture supported by the Ontario Centers of Excellence  which is utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve the care of patients that present to emergency departments.


  • Quality Improvement

  • Innovation

  • Health technology integration


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Masood S, Austin P, Atzema CL. A population-based analysis of outcomes in patients with a primary diagnosis of hypertension in the emergency department. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2016;68(3):267.e5.

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