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Dr. Steven Marc Friedman is Assistant Director (Research) at UHN Emergency Medicine, and Associate Professor, DFCM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He completed his medical training at the University of Toronto and McMaster University, and an MPH at Harvard University, where he focused on health care management and research methods.

Dr. Friedman's core research interests and scholarly publications relate to clinical practice, barriers to care in the emergency department (ED), and cycling safety and injury prevention. The overarching operational aim of his work has been to develop an emergency medicine program that mentors young physician researchers in emergency medicine.

Typical projects focusing on physician-related barriers to care have included a Canada-wide study of physician practice variability and deviation from best practice in subcutaneous abscess management; a Canada-wide study of physician compliance with notifiable disease reporting requirements; a Canada-wide study of resident perceptions regarding personal on-call and procedural competence, adverse events and reporting these to supervisors; a study of interruptions and communication barriers in the ED; the design and trial of a novel translation aid to enhance emergency physician communication with non-English speaking speaking patients; and, the clinical impact of discrepant diagnostic imaging reporting and reinterpretation. Patient-focused studies have explored patients who leave the ED without being seen; health-consumer perceptions regarding queue-jumping and preferential access; barriers to patient follow-up with specialty clinics after discharge from the ED; patient dignity and privacy in the ED; and patient comprehension and compliance with ED discharge instructions in a multicultural health setting.

Projects relating to cycling safety and injury prevention have included a control-matched survey of Toronto bike-share users exploring cycling safety practices, barriers to helmet use, and impressions regarding proposed remedies to increase helmet use; a multi-centered collaboration exploration cycling injuries and the built environment; and an evidence-based review of Canadian cycling injuries and safety policy, leading to co-authorship of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Position Paper on Cycling Safety.

Dr. Friedman is Co-I and Emergency Medicine Lead on Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience (SCOPE) –  A multidisciplinary, primary care practice-based Intervention to reduce ED visits and hospitalization for complex patients. He is also Co-I ad Emergency Medicine Lead on an evaluation of a birth cohort hepatitis C screening program in an academic emergency department and different community settings in Toronto.

Dr. Friedman is Director of STAR-EM, the UHN Summer Teaching and Research in Emergency Medicine Program at University Health Network, Toronto.


  • Barriers to Care

  • Health Services

  • Cycling Safety

  • Injury Prevention

  • Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

  • ED Administration

  • Clinical Practice


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